Now Speaking Mortgage

One of the greatest challenges in UX and design is developing visual systems for highly specialized users in niche markets where there is little usage data available and few “power users” to recruit and test; typical third-party design firms don’t arrive at the table with volumes of tried and tested workflow process templates ready to lay out optimal software systems for a constantly-changing niche market like the mortgage compliance industry.

Shortly after the credit market collapse, Avenue met Cogent Economics, a small company quickly establishing itself as a leading software developer in QC, audit compliance, and specialized mortgage reporting systems. When large mortgage lenders told Cogent Economics they wanted software to assist them in meeting the frequently-changing mortgage quality control requirements for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD mortagages, Cogent pioneered statistical sampling metholologies and produced software now recognized as the best mortgage and audit application available.

When it came time to tell the world what they’d done, they wanted to speak to both power users and new industry arrivals. Avenue helped Cogent visually explain their product suite and offerings in clean, easily-navigated pageflows. One hundred clients later, Cogent’s systems serve over $3 trillion in mortgage originations and four million servicing records.






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