Buying. Selling. Simplified.

When the U.S. real estate markets inflated, and subsequently exploded, in 2007, most new investors ran for the hills, while the seasoned elite realized the commercial landscape was on the cusp of a buyer’s market like no other.

Banks who had issued the large loans that investors used to purchase swaths of land, 20,000SF+ office complexes, and 50+ unit condominium projects were now left holding defaulted notes. The underlying collateral was oftentimes worth merely twenty-five cents on the dollar, and was virtually vacant to boot.

Guardian MarketMaker capitalized on a market need by providing a comprehensive solution for the buying and selling of bank real estate and loans. Banks/sellers can list “upside down” transactions on a secure platform, while approved buyers may research, bid on, and ultimately purchase the notes and their underlying real estate collateral — online.


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