Sonoma, Meet Phuket

Avenue performed full-service business start-up services for Global Wine Online, LLC, making a business case on the back of rigorous market research, establishing the new company’s structure and O&M strategy, and performing all outbound business development to help Global Wine gain footing in a brand new market.

The concept behind Global Wine is so compelling we couldn’t wait to get involved. The company was founded by an Ivy League economist and accomplished wine collector who identified an uncontested business opportunity pairing exclusive small-lot winemakers with high-end resorts worldwide. The resorts are partnered carefully with Global Wine’s agricultural clients to provide them the opportunity to purchase a winemaker’s best work, in entire lots of 50 cases or less. The cases and bottles sold are available only at the selected resorts, adding a level of exclusivity and excitement year over year.

Business is beautiful when everyone wins. Small vineyards and winemakers reap the cost benefits of selling an entire production lot to one buyer (without any wasted inventory or complex multi-vendor logistical concerns) while also guaranteeing cash flow pre-production by allowing Global Wine to secure exclusive rights to their production. Resorts benefit by receiving the winemakers’ full attention and best product, and sommeliers worldwide are able to boast that they and they alone gave their clients access to truly unique wine choices crafted entirely for them.


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