Better Buttons

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.

The backbone of good UI guides a user through efficient motions, simple recognition of cues, and consistent patterns of input and output. Nestle these trappings under crisp and usually-minimal aestethics and you’ve got something to write home about.

But it’s when pageflows aren’t quite as simple as click-and-buy that things get really interesting, and UI principles are put to the test.

Beyond breadcrumbs, clear directions, and web standards lies our uniting human ability to err, get lost, and close our browsers.

Crafting UI that minimizes the potential for error, helps user quickly identify and recover from errors, and gets simpler – not more complex – as a task nears completion are hallmarks of Avenue’s stamp on UI and UX projects.

One of Avenue’s favorite UX experiences was our work with, a best-in-class resource started by consumer advocates to help people monitor and improve credit scores and make better financial decisions. Credit was serious about identifying the segments of their users most in-need of free credit reports and re-designing their main and affiliated sites to best reach that market. An invigorating case of of analytics, UX, and market segmentation came together to allow users most commonly overwhelmed by personal finance and credit concepts to draw a free report from one of the three reporting bureaus in three clicks.

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