Real people make eye contact.

Avenue engineers may watch cat videos after work, but during the day, we take pride in producing clean, elegant code with clean, elegant interfaces. It’s a financial and professional win for all of us if we make it to market best, first, and strongest.

We partner with our clients at the earliest stages to create realistic, strategy-driven roadmaps. And we keep to our dates. We take our NDAs seriously, and you won’t hear us announcing the launch of the majority of our projects.

The products we develop often involve natural language processing, social network analysis, image processing, artificial intelligence, data mining, and machine learning. If your best ideas involve big data, modules, and AI, contact us.

If you’d just like the acronym menu, some of our languages and preferred platforms are listed below:

Languages: C, C++, VB 6.0, PHP, JavaScript, ActionScript3.0, Python, R, J2EE,
J2SE, PL/SQL, Perl, Octave, Ruby on Rails

Front-end: HTML, CSS, XHTML, JS/JQuery

Databases: ORACLE10g, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Datastore/BigTable

Frameworks: CakePHP, WordPress, Struts1, KohanaPHP, Webapp2, Java GAE,
Python Webabb, JQuery, Java Message Driven Beans, Websphere, Hadoop,
OpenNLP, JSoup

Web API: Google Maps, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Disqus

IDE: NetBeans, Eclipse Galileo, RAD, PyDev, Aptana, VIM

Platforms: Windows, Red Hat Linux, Fedora, Cent OS,
Ubuntu 10.04, Ubuntu 11.XX, Ubuntu 12.04, OS X

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