The characteristic art form of our age may be the business plan.

– William Deresiewicz

We’ve been tasked with developing strategies to breathe new life into struggling projects, increase exposure for new projects with limited budgets, identify and enter new markets, identify funding sources for niche projects, revive traffic and find new customers for existing ventures, and maximize revenues in every case.

A comprehensive strategic plan can ensure that a project is feasible long-term and is prepared to weather difficult economic cycles. Beyond operational strategies, Avenue works with clients in the earliest formative stages to assure that any in-place business foundations are efficient, cost-effective, and can take the company where it needs to go. We help our clients establish the correct business structure, hire the right team members in the right order, and navigate joint ventures and strategic partnerships that establish hard-to-duplicate competitive advantages.

We treat our clients’ equity like it’s our own when helping to weigh the advantages, process, and pitfalls of obtaining venture capital or selling pieces of companies years in the making.

Our strategic services have included:
– Product strategy, including identifying the cost to develop and the significance of proposed differentiators
– Product niche identification and market sizing
– Requirement document development and production scheduling
– Product management and direction
– Business plan development pre- and post-funding
– Entity formation and strategy
– Trademark and patent decisions
– Team creation and hiring in concert with product development and engineering


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